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Automatic method

Clicking the button above is the easiest way to add Shortmarks as a search engine, but it doesn't work in all browsers. It should work in newer versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome. If not, follow the instructions below for your browser.

Mobile Browsers

This method should work on most mobile browsers:

Log in to Shortmarks, then perform a search in the search box. Go to the browser settings and find the 'Search Engines' section and Shortmarks should be one of the available options below the default set that comes with the browser.

Browser Index

Choose your browser:


Chrome Logo
Browsing to should automatically add Shortmarks as a search engine.
Chrome add search dialog
Go to to Options -> Basics -> Manage Search Engines and click "Make default" when you mouse over the Shortmarks entry. If it wasn't added automatically, you can add it manually at the bottom using the following fields
Shortmarks, sh (or whatever you prefer),
Tip: Ctrl+L puts the cursor in the address bar


Firefox logo
To use the search bar
Adding Shortmarks as a search provider in Firefox
Go to
Click on the arrow by the search field or the three dots if you don't have a separate search field
Select Add Search Engine
Go to about:preferences#search and in the Default Search Engine dropdown, select Shortmarks
Tip: Ctrl+K puts the cursor in the search bar

To search from the location bar
Enter about:config in address field
Firefox about:config to change keyword.URL
Find keyword.url and set the value to
Set keyword.enabled to true if it's not already
Firefox about:config to change browser.fixup.alternate.enabled
Set browser.fixup.alternate.enabled to false (Double click it or right click and select Toggle)

Note: Searches from the address bar may have a slight delay because Firefox performs a DNS lookup before deferring to Shortmarks. If a host matches the name of a keyword, the keyword search won't work. The search field doesn't have this issue, but you can also use the search engine keyword in the address bar, like "s news". If one word searches fail, Firefox help has some suggestions.

Tip: Ctrl+L puts the cursor in the search bar

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Internet Explorer logo
To use the search field

Go to
Add Search Providers -> Shortmarks

Do you want to add this search provider?
Check "Make this my default search provider" and click Add
Tip: Ctrl+E puts the cursor in the search bar and F6 or Alt-D puts it in the address bar

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer logo
Use the Automatic method at the top of this page (click the button).
Internet Explorer 9 add search provider dialog
Check "Make this my default search provider" and click Add
Tip: Ctrl-L, F6 or Alt-D puts the cursor in the address bar where you can perform searches


Opera logo
Opera button Settings Preferences (or Ctrl-F12) Click Add button
Opera add search engine dialog
Name: Shortmarks
Keyword: sh (or whatever you prefer)
Check "Use as default search engine" and "Use as Speed Dial search engine"
Click OK

To avoid the delay when you use one word searches, type opera:config in the address bar and press enter.

Type hostname where it says Quick find
Uncheck "Check Local HostName" (if it's not already)
Uncheck "Enable Hostname Expansion" (if it's not already)
Check "Enable HostName Web Lookup"
Paste in "HostName Web Lookup Address
Click Save
Tip: F8, Ctrl+L or Alt+D puts the cursor in the address bar and Ctrl-E puts it in the search bar


Safari logo
Safari does not allow you to add custom search engines natively, but if you're on a Mac you can install Glims, then add Shortmarks as a custom search engine using this URL: